Khrisna Dwi Putra

Jakarta Gallery Assistant

Long hair, all-black outfits, and a passion for metal music define Krisna's unique persona. Since childhood, Krisna has been an ardent fan of visual arts, inspired by the vibrant illustrations in Marvel comics. This early fascination set him on a path to merge his love for art and music, leading to a dynamic career in the fine arts.

Krisna's artistic journey began as a drummer in two metal bands, where he developed a keen interest in album cover illustrations. This interest sparked his ambition to become an illustrator, merging the intensity of metal music with the visual arts. To fulfill his childhood dream, Krisna pursued a degree in Fine Arts at the Jakarta Institute of Arts (IKJ).

During his time at IKJ, Krisna's understanding of visual art deepened beyond the comic illustrations he admired. He delved into abstract art and honed his skills in managing art exhibitions. This comprehensive exploration of visual art broadened his perspective and refined his artistic vision.

Krisna's diverse experiences and passion for visual art led him to join Art Agenda as a Gallery Assistant. In this role, he aims to further explore the intricacies of the art market and gallery management. At Art Agenda, Krisna continues to blend his love for music and art, contributing to the gallery's dynamic and eclectic environment.