Stella Wenny

Jakarta Director

Stella Wenny's love affair with art began in junior high, during Seni Rupa (Fine Arts) classes, where she first encountered the works of Affandi and S. Sudjojono. This early fascination blossomed into a lifelong passion, ultimately leading her to Art Agenda, where she now handles the masterpieces she once studied in school.


Stella excels in nurturing relationships with clients, ensuring their desires for high-quality artworks are met. She collaborates closely with emerging contemporary artists to curate exhibitions that go beyond mere decoration, urging viewers to reflect on their actions and embrace their emotions. Stella sees art as a liberating force in our tech-driven society, capable of cutting through the numbness induced by social media and AI algorithms.


Stella's background in graphic design, enriched by her bachelor's degree from Binus University School of Design, has sharpened her eye for colour, composition, and visual storytelling. Her expertise allows her to create compelling narratives that highlight the significance of art, both now and in the future.