Ursula Tsabitha

Jakarta Gallery Assistant

With a flair for earth-toned hues and trippy illustrations, Ursula Tabitha, known as Bitha, brings a unique touch to Art Agenda. Her artistic journey began after a life-changing trip to Hong Kong in 2012, where she became fascinated by the creatives behind the whimsical posters, packaging, and iconic statues at Disneyland. Discovering the role of the “Designer Artist” ignited her curiosity and propelled her into the art world.

At Art Agenda, Bitha channels her passion and expertise as a dynamic gallery assistant. She meticulously crafts 3D layouts for exhibitions, aids in the preparation for art fairs, designs exhibition materials, and prepares detailed artwork factsheets. Beyond these behind-the-scenes tasks, Bitha is dedicated to guiding young art enthusiasts to see and feel art through their unique perspectives. She believes art is a powerful medium for expressing emotions, free from the constraints of right or wrong interpretations.

Bitha’s journey to Art Agenda was paved with valuable experiences at the S. Sudjojono Center, where she honed her skills as a graphic designer and gallery assistant. Her mission is to infuse everyday life with the transformative power of art, encouraging everyone to see the world through a more creative lens.