Nabila Giovanna

Jakarta Gallery Manager

As the Gallery Manager for Art Agenda in Jakarta, Nabila Giovanna orchestrates the gallery’s administration, operations, and logistics with a precision that reflects her deep passion for the art world. From a young age, Nabila was drawn to the inner workings of museums and galleries, fascinated by the meticulous processes of researching, acquiring, cataloging, and displaying art.

For Nabila, art is a soul nourisher, an essential element of human existence that continuously reveals its profound power. Her systematic approach and keen interest in the operational backbone of galleries make her an invaluable asset to Art Agenda.

Before joining Art Agenda, Nabila gained extensive experience as an art manager for a curator and art consultant, and as a sales executive at a digital marketing agency. With a business degree and a constant drive to explore the intersection of technology and art, Nabila brings a unique blend of skills and insights to her role, ensuring the seamless execution of gallery operations.