Gregorius Sidharta
The Modernist Series #5: Unearthed
: Art Agenda, JKT


Modernism still leaves me with a sense of colour, texture, mass, and lines. - Gregorius Sidharta

The fifth iteration of our The Modernist Series metaphorically unearths the obscured brilliance of a talented modernist sculptor, Gregorius Sidharta Soegijo (1932-2006), or G. Sidharta.

Sidharta is a pioneer modernist Indonesian artist and founder of Asosiasi Pematung Indonesia (API). He started making sculptures in the 1950s, with subjects and themes informed by his personal experiences growing up in a Javanese-Catholic family. Many of his works suggest the push and pull forces of progress and advancement in the nascent society of post-war newly independent Indonesia while retaining traditional qualities in form and texture.

Sidharta placed significant emphasis to craft personalities in his figurative sculptures, skilfully delineating traits and behaviours to bring about a distinctive character to his works. The emotive value of his works is evident through the expressiveness inherent in chosen subject and form.


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See his works in person at our exhibition opening 3 Feb at 4pm.


Gregorius Sidharta: Unearthed
Art Agenda, JKT
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