A.D. Pirous
The Modernist Series #1 : Suaka
: Art Agenda, JKT


The Modernist Series is a line-up of intimately sized exhibitions centred on key modern Indonesian artists that take a dive into particularly interesting facades of their lives and works. #1 features Abdul Djalil Pirous, or A.D. Pirous.


Having graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), A.D. Pirous (b. 1932) is best known for being a pioneer in modern Islamic calligraphic painting although his works are not limited to that and varies widely within the basic theme of spiritual and religious belief. Pirous offers stimulating visuals to evoke an atmospheric view of the divine. The sensation of being immersed in his world reminds us of a faraway place or a blurred memory that we would like to visit over and over.


As we begin to emerge from the darker days of the pandemic, Suaka hopes to be a space and showcase where we can contemplate our existence and the presence of the divine in stillness, essentially through absorbing the joy of colours and meditating on the evocative brushstrokes of Pirous’ compositions. His exploration of textures, strokes, and light reveals his ability to transport viewers to another realm while offering an emotional view to the meaning of spiritual belief.

Installation Views