Nyoman Masriadi
: Art Agenda, S'pore

We're thrilled to host painter Nyoman Masriadi and exhibition partners EquatorNFT and Get It Studio in presenting Wake Up! Get it?, a multi-faceted exhibition of Nyoman Masriadi’s sold-out Samuro’s Judgment NFT collection, signed monoprints, limited-edition sneakers and sculptures all revolving around the renowned Indonesian artist’s Old Master Samuro character. 

Samuro is an action hero of Masriadi’s creation. He first appeared in his paintings Hero vs Hero and Godlike, both completed in 2013. From 2016 onwards, the character acquired ‘Old Master’ status in paintings. Once a ninja, Samuro became scarred from battle and morally ambiguous. Those who know Masriadi will know the painter to be a long-time avid gamer, from which the Old Master Samuro character was inspired. Bringing the character to life in animated digital form was a natural development, encouraged by his son’s interest in NFTs.
Installation Views