: Art Agenda, JKT

Entwined: An Updated Story is the debut solo exhibition of artist Sarita Ibnoe (b. 1989) who presents 12 works that revolve around the transition of the self. She weaves new images over an old body of work titled Close, which tells the story of someone who 'closes' the door on others in order to become 'closer' to herself. Undertaking a symbolic process of reflection by weaving fresh narratives over this old work, Sarita directs viewers to focus on the exigencies of self-transformation and how the pandemic has motivated people to look within. 

Raised in Jakarta andKuala Lumpur, Sarita Ibnoe is a multidisciplinary artist with a traveller’s soul. After completing her BA in Illustration from Middlesex University, London, she began her artistic career as a graphic designer and an illustrator, before turning to the art of weaving as her main practice.

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