THE PARALLEL COSMOS 平行的宇宙: 蕭勤 & 法賈希迪
: CANS Tea House, Taipei

The Parallel Cosmos juxtaposes paintings by two artists of differing origins and life paths who nevertheless share common ground in their belief that the creative process is not so much about the creation of something new as it is about a life journey towards self-awareness. Their faith in the immense capacity of the human mind and its will to expression has led to Fadjar Sidik and Hsiao Chin traversing in the metaphysical space of the cosmos to seek higher, supreme truths. In the presently exhibited works, Hsiao Chin and Fadjar Sidik have sought out higher orders beyond the observable realities of life. They have found, in the vast visual vocabulary of abstraction, an invigorating release from the limitations of representational art. They have encountered - in the cosmos - a visual and conceptual realm that allowed them to articulate new horizons of existence.

平行的宇宙—兩位來自不同地方、有著截然不同人生經歷,卻有著相同信仰的藝術家聯展。這兩位生於1930年代的藝術家,皆相信創作的過程不僅是追求創新,而是一趟自我覺醒的旅程。生於中國的蕭勤和來自印尼的法賈希迪同樣以藝術去探索人類內心的無限可能及表達的渴望,將自己投入於虛幻的宇宙空間以追尋至高無上的真理。 本次展覽中,蕭勤和法賈希迪跳脫現實生活的描繪去追尋更高理想的實踐,在龐大的抽象視覺語彙中突破具象藝術表現的限制,在視覺與概念性的宇宙間論述關於存在的嶄新視野。
Installation Views