Forever Young: Art Moments Jakarta 2022

Sheraton Grand Jakarta, Gandaria City, 4 - 6 November 2022 

FOREVER YOUNG showcases more than 50 modern paintings by S. Sudjojono, Hendra Gunawan, Isaac Israels, Romualdo Locatelli and many more from four private collectors in Jakarta.


Across six thematic sections, the paintings have and continue to shape our imagination and thinking about our ideals of home and country and spur us to question the truth behind gendered portrayals and the fine line between truth and naturalism.


The cradling softness of the three pastel colours - mint, lilac and peach - serves an unconventional but welcoming backdrop to the pictures on display, accentuating the colours that originate from them and amplifying their presence.


FOREVER YOUNG reminds of what is perpetual, with relevance and a contemporary spirit in spite of their ages. Regardless of what it is, these pictures serve up reminders of what is perpetual, and the youthfulness of our individual existence in an expanded view of time